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Nouvelle version: RatioMaster Beta 2.0.16 ! [MEGA]

Voici la nouvelle version Beta de RatioMaster 2, une nouvelle interface et de nouvelles mise à jour vous permettrons de régler votre ratio torrent sur de nombreux clients.

/ * RM2 is based on reverced engineered RatioMaster code.
Thanks a lot for Ratiomaster(the person) and JTS(plus all the others who helped build/run/test RM) for there grate work on RM. * /
/ * Why This?
The main dev of this program wanted to right this just for fun and learning. after all cheating the system is a lot of fun 😉 * /
/ * Programming
me! phiscker ( here ) aka silentp33r ( here ) * /
/ * Inspiration(lol)
zeebo * /
/ *Testing
phonzie * /
Ratioblaster is a new spoofing program based heavily on ratiomaster with a whole bunch of new features:
• You can fake as many torrents as you wish while only one client is working
• consume less memory (because this does not use tabs)
• utorrent like UI
• skinnable
• automatic memory reader function
• have all most all the RM’s features (like .client files made for RM, NRPG doesn’t support these…)
And much more!
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